Support FAQs for Monitor2Go and Field Monitor Pro®

How do I set up Monitor2Go and Field Monitor Pro®? Do I need to load software and reconfigure my computer?

Mobile Monitor Technologies’ (MMT) 15.6” products have two modes of connectivity: USB and HDMI.  If the USB and HDMI ports are both used simultaneously, the MMT monitor will default to USB mode.  For HDMI mode, simply unplug the USB cord from the MMT monitor.

USB connectivity is ideal for laptops and desktops when you wish to use the MMT monitor as an extended screen (dual monitor).  Since all of MMT’s monitors include 2 extra powered USB ports, you can connect any USB peripheral (including mouse, keypad, memory stick, etc.) which will function normally when the MMT monitor is in USB mode.  In addition, you can daisy chain up to 6 MMT monitors together off a host computer’s single USB port.

Like any other USB peripheral, USB connectivity requires a simple one-time driver install on your host computer.  Before connecting your MMT monitor to the host computer for the first time, download the DisplayLink driver here (  (Note: for Windows users, the driver install is often automatic). After the download is complete, simply plug the standard USB-A end of the provided USB cord into the USB port on your host computer and the USB mini-B end of the cord into your MMT monitor… and you’re done.

HDMI connectivity is ideal for any device that has HDMI output. HDMI connectivity works with laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, portable media players, even DVD players. Simply plug your device-specific HDMI cord into your MMT monitor’s standard HDMI port – it’s that easy.

For more information about connecting through USB and HDMI, including connecting an iPad® to Monitor2Go, please visit:

Monitor2Go’s Quick Start Guide

Field Monitor Pro’s Quick Start Guide

(USB mode) I work for a large firm that doesn’t allow installation of new drivers on our computers.  Will our IT administrator have to authorize each laptop individually?

Thankfully, no. DisplayLink offers corporate install software for Windows, which is available for network administrators.  This software allows DisplayLink’s driver to be installed on individual computers, and is available as a standard Microsoft MSI installer package.  To request a version of this software, click here (

(HDMI mode) If I plug my iPad®, iPhone® or iPod® touch into an MMT, the device’s image doesn’t go out to the edges of the MMT monitor’s screen. What do I do to get a full screen image?

Because the aspect ratios (ratio of width and height of image) of the Apple devices are different from the MMT monitor’s screen, the default setting is a direct mirroring of the aspect ratio. However, we have incorporated a special function to allow for full screen viewing on the MMT monitor’s screen. Once connected to your Apple device, simply hold the MMT monitor’s power button in for 5 seconds until you see the on-screen message.  Release the power button and the full screen setting will activate. To turn off full screen viewing, hold the power button in for 5 seconds until you see the on-screen message, and then release the power button.   Note: when viewing video through Apple devices, full screen viewing is automatic.

(HDMI mode) What HDMI connectors do I need when connecting an MMT unit to an Apple device such as an iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod® touch?

You only need Apple’s Digital AV 30-pin or Lightning adapter when connecting to an MMT unit. You can purchase these directly from Apple ( and ( or from any Apple Store or retailer that carries Apple products.

(HDMI mode) When I connect my Apple device to an MMT monitor, I get an error message on my Apple device and/or the MMT monitor’s screen. What should I do?

You should always turn on the Apple device before connecting it to the MMT monitor.  You can remedy an error message by resetting the Apple device and MMT monitor: while the Apple device is still on, simply unplug the Apple Digital AV adaptor from the Apple device and then plug it back in. Then turn on the MMT monitor.

(HDMI mode) When I connect my Apple device, I no longer hear audio. What should I do?

When connecting Apple devices through HDMI, Apple designs its products to send video and sound together. There is an audio port on the left side of your MMT unit; With Field Monitor Pro, Monitor2Go, Monitor2Go HD+ you can plug in headphones or speakers for full stereo sound. And with Monitor2Go FHD, you can use its built-in speakers or use its audio port.

(USB mode) Does MMT’s audio port work when using USB connectivity?

No, but in USB mode your host computer will continue to play audio through its speakers and/or audio port.

What happens when I have both USB and HDMI devices connected to an MMT monitor at the same time?

We have designed USB mode as the default when both USB and HDMI ports are used simultaneously.  Thus, if a USB and HDMI device are both connected to an MMT monitor, the USB connected device will be seen on the MMT monitor’s screen.  To activate HDMI mode, simply unplug the USB cord from the MMT monitor.

(USB mode) How do you daisy chain MMT monitors together?

You can daisy chain up to 6 MMT monitors off a host computer’s single USB port. Using the included USB cable, plug the USB-A end of the cable into the host computer’s USB port. Then, plug the other end of the cable (USB mini-B) into your MMT monitor’s USB mini-B port. Now, take a second USB cable from the second MMT monitor and plug the USB-A end into one of the spare USB ports on the first MMT monitor. Then, plug the USB mini-B end of this cable it into your second MMT monitor’s USB mini-B port. And so on.

Do MMT products require AC power? What about a battery option?

MMT monitors require either AC or battery power since they can be used in either USB or HDMI mode, and since they incorporate premium backlit LED screens. We are currently manufacturing a custom battery “module” which will not only power the MMT screen, but also will power other devices such as tablets and smartphones. We will have this battery accessory available shortly.

Can I adjust the brightness on an MMT unit?

Yes. On the bottom of the MMT monitor you will find a brightness rocker and you will see the brightness setting on the screen when the rocker is pressed.

I would like to mount my MMT unit on the wall or on a swinging arm. Do you offer VESA mount capability?

Yes. You will notice 4 threaded holes on the bottom of the MMT monitor. These are specifically designed to accept our custom VESA mount bracket (sold separately). Please contact us if you’d like to purchase this accessory.

I noticed a graphic on my MMT monitor illustrating that I can pivot the MMT screen in either direction.  Can I rotate it a full 360 degrees?

No, it is very important that you don’t rotate the screen more than 180 degrees in either direction as this will break the pivot hinge and damage the wiring. The hinge is designed to have a natural “stop” when rotated in either direction to prevent overturning.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

We back our product with an industry standard one-year warranty.  We are also available for any questions, comments, or feedback. We answer all emails directly and personally – we do not employ call centers or third party customer service providers. Our customers are our business and we sincerely value our one-on-one customer relationships.

Specific Support for Monitor2Go
Can I use Monitor2Go as carrying case for my iPad®?

Yes, with Monitor2Go’s aluminum construction and clamshell design, you won’t find a more protective iPad® case. And you can even lock your iPad® into Monitor2Go using the Kensington lock slot that is adjacent to Monitor2Go’s iPad® latch.

Is it necessary to use the black plastic iPad® window filler that comes with Monitor2Go?

Yes. To avoid permanent screen damage, either the black plastic iPad® window filler or an iPad® MUST be secured in the opening at all times.

Specific Support for Field Monitor Pro
(USB mode) I like using my current numeric keypad.  Can I bypass Field Monitor Pro®’s built-in numeric keypad and continue to use my own?

Yes. You can plug your own USB numeric keypad into one of the extra USB ports on Field Monitor Pro® to bypass its built-in keypad. You can also use these ports to plug in other USB peripherals such as a mouse or memory stick.

(USB mode) The keypad on my Field Monitor Pro® doesn’t work. What should I do?

Simply unplug and then re-plug in the USB mini-B cord from Field Monitor Pro®, then turn Field Monitor Pro® off then on.  This will reset the keypad’s connectivity with your host computer.