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This could never have happened 10 years ago. In fact it probably couldn’t have happened five years ago.

Three guys in a room. An idea for the world’s first full-size portable display and… 12 months later we’re shipping product to over 1,500 corporate customers.

How was this possible?

Technology has allowed us to not only navigate the entire manufacturing process from design to finish, it has allowed us to understand consumer demand before tooling a single part.

We are living in a time where once critical ‘economies of scale’ are being upended by specialized companies that can invent new markets instantaneously. Where social request has the power to change the course of entire industries.

You see, we had customers before we had a company. Customers who were kind enough to take the time to sit with us, explain their needs, even sketch designs on napkins. And why did they do this? Because the few big computer companies that dominate the industry didn’t care to listen.

We embrace Steve Jobs’ belief that it’s really hard to design a product by taking our cues from focus groups. Yet at the same time, we engage.  To us, there’s nothing more satisfying than telling a client that their specific request has not only been heard, but that its answer will arrive in a box at their doorstep. It is this individual feedback, not watered-down group averages, that drives and excites us.

You won’t find better customer service than MMT, whether you’ve purchased our product or simply want to be heard. Shoot us an email with comments, thoughts, requests… we promise you’ll hear from us promptly.

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